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'Sexy' marketing - how to do it!

Attractive marketing is one that carries itself around the web and does not need expensive advertising campaigns. It is true that paid social media campaigns can make our lives easier and save a lot of time. But what if we don't want to pay Facebook for advertising? There is one way to do this, namely attractive content marketing and a well-thought-out marketing strategy! The content of interest to users spreads over the web quite quickly! With the help of 'sexy' marketing, we can build brand awareness in our recipients in a very dynamic and at the same time organic way. Organic marketing was the subject of the presentation entitled 'Sexy' marketing - how to do it! 'During' Ladies Night 'meeting at In-spire gallery in Dublin. Therefore, if we want our marketing to be attractive, we must strategically choose content marketing, i.e. the content of the marketing message. Well-chosen content marketing allows you to effectively and cheaply get high-quality traffic to our social media channels, website and obtain links. What actions should be taken to make our marketing more 'sexy'? First, let's focus on personal branding. Personalization is now becoming the key to success and, most importantly, one of the leading trends in 2020. So let's put it on ourselves and not be afraid to be the face of our business. This is especially true of small and medium-sized businesses. Especially here, personalization works great. After all, we are the face of our brand in everyday relations with customers. When creating personal branding, we must, of course, focus not only on our strengths, but also on what distinguishes us.

Internet users love all visual materials and it is them that "spread" on the web much better. This should be taken advantage of and a special emphasis should be placed on the publication of photos, infographics or podcasts - there are a lot of tools on the Internet that facilitate their creation. However, it is worth checking what is best received by our users and then preparing a coherent strategy, preferably a long-term one. It's good to have someone who can advise us what kind of visual materials are suitable for promoting our business online. The key is the good quality of photos and video materials with our participation. The more inventive and original we are, the better. Let's not be afraid to experiment and test new ideas. We can always delete such a post or blog post. The knowledge obtained in this way about the preferences of our customers is priceless! One of the most important elements of an attractive online image is a long-term, personalized marketing strategy. Of course, it has to be based on the company's business goals. This can be, for example, increasing sales, revenues, traffic or brand recognition. When creating such a strategy, it is also worth looking at the competition in terms of how its image is presented on the web. Such analysis will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the competition and on this basis will allow us to build the image strength of our brand on the Internet, assuming that we focus on originality and original solutions.

It is worth remembering that if something is good for everything, it is… for nothing. And it also works well in the content marketing strategy. In order to respond to the needs of all users interested in the industry in which we operate, we will probably create content that will not be attractive to anyone. Firstly, there is a whole lot of similar content on the web (the more general the assumption, the more the search engine will find), and secondly, we will never be able to exhaust the topic completely. It is much better to focus on a narrow group of potential recipients and narrow topics. By creating specialized content, we will be able not only to develop it in detail, which meets the needs of users, but also to create a situation that will contribute to an increase in conversion. Attractive content creates a chance that potential customers will be interested in the company and what it offers. It is also worth emphasizing that the possible promotion of niche or thematically narrowed content is much cheaper due to lower competition, and at the same time, it is also more effective.

The material we publish should be interesting enough to immediately arouse the user's curiosity. So let's be tempted with eye-catching titles. All denials (eg How not to go crazy in pre-Christmas madness?), A negative approach to the topic (How to choose the worst gift and spoil Christmas?) Or scoring (10 ways not to gain weight during the holidays) work great. Of course, there are many ways to make our marketing more "sexy" and it all depends on what marketing strategy we choose. If you want me to help you create an attractive marketing strategy for your business, I am available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm at I reply within 24 hours from the first contact. Are you considering a new business idea? You don't know how to organize your marketing activities? You are overwhelmed by the sea of ​​possibilities and you need advice which marketing activities will be the most sensible for your brand? If you need quick and ad hoc marketing assistance, a marketing consultation will be a good choice. I will help you improve your marketing activities, dispel doubts, analyze opportunities and threats and answer all your questions. After the consultation, you will know what next steps you should take to achieve your goal. We invite you! I'm waiting just for you!

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